It Happens Every Time

Why is it that most weekends I end up finding a movie that I not only like, but own, on TV and I watch the whole thing? I could watch it anytime, right? …like last weekend. I was flipping channels on Saturday while I was eating my breakfast and I landed on “You’ve Got Mail” on TBS. First of all, let me say that I don’t care what you all think about my taste in movies – especially my sister. Secondly, this movie makes me happy like no other. Anyway, I found it on TV and I was helpless against its power. I did, however, realize by the first commercial that I could put my copy in and skip ahead to the part I was on and continue to watch it without commercials. For this, I give myself a lot of credit – I usually subject myself to the mindless commercials when the movie is sitting on a shelf 5 feet from me. So I ended up watching the whole movie when I had a million other things I should’ve been doing. I, of course, tried to justify this by bringing things to do in front of the TV, like folding laundry, etc. I am embarrassed by the power that romantic comedies have over me. I am somewhat relieved by the fact that my mom was the same way. I can remember her finding something like “Play Misty for Me” and being captivated for the rest of the afternoon. She too would end up finding something to do at the table or in the TV room as if she were trying to justify watching a movie when she had a ton of other things to do. I guess that the saying is somewhat true for us. “Like mother…”

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