Our Mother’s Daughters

I wonder if my sister knows that I would go to the end of the earth for her. I know that I can never replace my mother’s presence in her life, but I do know that I can be there for her whenever she needs me. I hope that I am strong enough to be a rock in her life through all the tough patches. I think she might be crying by this line. I hope she knows that she can always count on me and that she can come and live with me anytime she needs to. I hope she knows that I will always do my best to live up to a promise that I made to our mom before she died. I hope she knows that she can call me anytime, for any reason and I will be there.


We went to Chicago last month and visited the Aquarium while we were there. This ended up being my favorite picture. This is actually a spider crab. These things are gigantic in person.

Will I Regret This?

I am wondering whether I will regret not finishing my teaching certificate. It feels great to not be in school right now, but I thought I would have had a job by now. I am only reassured by the fact that my finance degree should help me to get a decent job. The financial advisor that I work for currently is great and I like working there, but they want someone who is willing to committ to working there for a long time and I cannot make that kind of committment. I am just not sure what I want to do yet, but I feel like I am missing out on a good opportunity by leaving a good-paying job. I feel very unsettled right now about not having a full-time job and not knowing what the right thing for my is. I feel like the right thing should be apparent to me, but it isn’t. I remeber in taking a test in high school that was supposed to tell you what you should do for a living – my results were mortician or attorney. I think that the fact that my home doesn’t feel settled is adding to my stress about things not being in place. I am looking forward to remodeling the room that Barry is living in now. I am hoping that I can get the room finished and things moved back in there and finally begin to feel like things are the way they are supposed to be. Maybe my problem is that I am just sitting around waiting for the answer to bite me on the ass. After all this whinging, I am starting to feel like a spoiled brat since I don’t have to worry about finding housing or evacuating because of a hurricane at this point in my life.

I Get Lost

I could spend hours reading on this website…


Check it out.

It Happens Every Time

Why is it that most weekends I end up finding a movie that I not only like, but own, on TV and I watch the whole thing? I could watch it anytime, right? …like last weekend. I was flipping channels on Saturday while I was eating my breakfast and I landed on “You’ve Got Mail” on TBS. First of all, let me say that I don’t care what you all think about my taste in movies – especially my sister. Secondly, this movie makes me happy like no other. Anyway, I found it on TV and I was helpless against its power. I did, however, realize by the first commercial that I could put my copy in and skip ahead to the part I was on and continue to watch it without commercials. For this, I give myself a lot of credit – I usually subject myself to the mindless commercials when the movie is sitting on a shelf 5 feet from me. So I ended up watching the whole movie when I had a million other things I should’ve been doing. I, of course, tried to justify this by bringing things to do in front of the TV, like folding laundry, etc. I am embarrassed by the power that romantic comedies have over me. I am somewhat relieved by the fact that my mom was the same way. I can remember her finding something like “Play Misty for Me” and being captivated for the rest of the afternoon. She too would end up finding something to do at the table or in the TV room as if she were trying to justify watching a movie when she had a ton of other things to do. I guess that the saying is somewhat true for us. “Like mother…”

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