Do It While You Can

I have a friend of whom I am proud. She had the courage to leave her family and friends and go live in another country for 3 years. I am proud of her because she did something that I admire very much, but would not have the strength to do myself. I am a big advocate of doing as much of the big things in life that you want to do as early as possible. By that I mean doing things like traveling before you settle down and have a family and have greater responsibilities. I always said that that was the road I would take. I would travel and explore and do lots of different things before I settled in one place. Here I am, 23 years old and I am a married homeowner who hasn’t been anywhere notable since high school. I am not sure what I want to do with my life, and I am still in college. I am in no way saying that I have any regrets. I love Sean more than anything and I love my house. I just can’t help but feel that I missed out on my dreams of living in other places and being free to do what I want. As I try to sort out the right path for myself, I can’t help but feel enviously of the lives of others who have had the strength and determination to do amazing things. So here’s to you Liz! I am looking forward to seeing you when you come back from your big adventure!

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