Not Your Mother’s Radio

I just got XM satellite radio and it is great! I am sort of a tech junkie, so new stuff like that appeals to me anyway. This was a little different than trying a new e-mail program because of the high start up cost. It was just under $100 for the equipment to make it work in my car and in my house. It also costs $12.95/month to subscribe. I was pretty sure that I would like it because radio commercials want to make me drive off the road, and the mindless chatter of DJs is enough to make me want to scream – like I care about the club they were at last night! Anyway, I fell in love with my satellite radio this week. I got it last Friday. It was totally easy to set up and it was activated almost immediately. There are NO COMMERCIALS! As if this wasn’t good enough, there are also no DJs providing worthless commentary. A voice comes on every 5th song or so and tells you what station you are listing to – that is all. I take it everywhere with me. When I am at work, I log in to the website and listen to their streaming radio over the computer. The only reason I survived so long without it was public radio – which they also have on XM. I have been really impressed; Sean on the other hand has been more skeptical, but when is he not? You might hear more about this radio since I am currently obsessed with it.

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