What follows might be classified as a rant: I am sick of being treated like a second class citizen because I am in a live-in relationship, but not married. What the hell is the problem here? Unmarried people who are in loving, committed relationships should have the same rights as married people. I am not any less committed or involved with Sean because we aren’t married. WE OWN A HOUSE TOGETHER – I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE! In fact, I would say that we are more committed than some married people I know who have more benefits than we do. What difference does a piece of paper make? …apparently alot! Realistically, even if you are religious, the logistics of marriage are legal and only work because of a piece of paper. I am not talking about spirituality here, I am talking about logistical things like health insurance and ownership of accounts. I am talking about rights to see someone in the hospital and automatic beneficiary of accounts. This is not hard people! It bothers me to no end that if Sean were in a bad accident tomorrow and only family were aloud in the hospital room, I could not get in to see him. What has society come to when we only recognize relationships that exist on paper?

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