My boyfriend Sean got glasses recently and my first impression was really good. I like the way he looks in them and I love that he can see better. Once I saw him in them a little, I told him that I thought they made him look friendlier. My last statement must be followed up with this: Sean is generally pretty standoffish. Basically, he isn’t very approachable. This isn’t just my opinion – he really never gets spoken to by strangers. Anyway, I told him that I thought the glasses made him look more approachable and friendlier. He sort of shrugged this off. That was about a week ago. We were talking in the car last night and he said, “lots of random people have been either talking to me or asking me questions lately.” Well, it is safe to say that I was pretty pleased with myself because of my earlier observation. “I told you so,” was not far from my thoughts. I was pretty excited that my assessment came to light so quickly. Sean, on the other hand, was not so happy. He said he hated that people were asking him to borrow a pencil in class, or asking him for the time. This made me even more excited because it drives him nuts. Really, though, I think it’s good for him.

One thought on “Pleased

  1. next time i see sean, i’ll be sure to ask him what time it is. šŸ™‚

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