Chalk it up to principles

I think I have a shit list. When people test my principles, I make a mental note that I carry around. This practice doesn’t seem healthy, but at this moment, I don’t care. Something happened recently that will change the way I feel about someone forever. I may not show that my feelings have changed right now, but I am confident that a time will come when I will have had enough and I will either tell that person where to go, or I will be extremely passive aggressive towards them (fightin’ words, I know). That doesn’t sound healthy either, but as I said before, I don’t care. I think that I am more disappointed than anything in the fact that this person changed my perception of them. I was happy with the way I felt about this person. I wasn’t in love with this person, but things were amicable. I think about the shit list thing like a mental chalkboard with tally marks after people’s names. I am only willing to tolerate so much before I snap. The snap may be as simple as never doing a favor for this person again. I wouldn’t classify this as a grudge, it is more of a “wrong me once, shame on you; wrong me twice, shame on me.” I guess that I am just not going to be as willing to let this person have an opportunity to frustrate me again, which basically means that the relationship has been reduced to room temperature.

2 thoughts on “Chalk it up to principles

  1. I’ve recently realized that I’ve got a shit list too. That’s a good name for it.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with guarding your heart against people who have wronged you. When someone changes your opinion of them it is on their heads to change it back. People don’t realize that their actions and words reveal what is in their hearts even if they try to take it back. There’s always that shit list because people are slow to change.

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