Picking Up

So, I cleaned out Max’s cage and put it away in the basement and now it really seems like he is gone. The more I think about him being gone, the more I think that I want a cat. I feel strangely guilty about wanting a cat right after losing him, but I really feel like it would be nice. Since my cat died about a month before my mom, I think I might be ready for another one. The only problem is that I got a new job and am home alot less than before and I would feel badly about getting a pet that just stays home all day. I realize that most people leave their pets home all day, but I would rather be with them if I can. I definitely think that a cat is better than a dog in that respect, but I would still feel badly. I wonder now if we are meant to have pets. Having another life depend on you is an amazing feeling, and I wonder if we are supposed to experience that, either by way of children or pets. Maybe I just want to feel needed? Why do I want something to need me?

One thought on “Picking Up

  1. i like the cat idea.

    …just as long as this one isn’t a secret cat agent who is out to murder me with its teeth…

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