I think that humans are meant to live in couples. I cannot imagine living alone. I know that many people do it and love it, but I am not one of those poeple. I am not, however, someone that is most comfortable in large crowds. I think that we are meant to live with a partner long-term. I look at my life, and my relationship with Sean and I wonder how anyone would ever want to live by themselves. I don’t even like when he goes away on a business trip. This is not to say that I don’t like some time alone. I love an empty house in the afternoon when I can sit out on the deck and read, or sit in a warm bath with the door open and the stereo on. One of the best things about living with a partner is sleeping together – I don’t mean sex. My favorite time with Sean is when we talk and cuddle before going to sleep and when we wake up at the same time and talk before getting out of bed. I will say more about this topic later…

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