Split Personality

Sean implied to me this morning that I am some sort of mutant because I watch Martha Stewart’s show and I also, not at the same time, listen to Jay-Z. I can say with complete conviction that this mutant ability comes from my mom. My mother was the biggest Prince fan on the face of this Earth. My mom was far more hip than anybody else I know. My mom had Nelly, Ludacris, and Justin Timberlake CD’s in her car at all times. I must say, while I am not a huge rap fan, I can see the appeal of some artists. Now, the Martha Stewart thing is true too. Yes, I get the magazine, and yes, I duplicate some of the crafts from time to time. In fact, I have been pretty obsessed with miniature rug hooking lately. I guess I fail to see where all of this heads south. What is the problem here? Is it a crime to have strange, polar opposite interests? Ready for some hard core truth? I love to vacuum with Jay-Z blaring! The beat is great, and yes, I know all the words.

One thought on “Split Personality

  1. mom would listen to Prince or Missy Elliot on her way to the antique fair.

    …you do kind of have a split personality. you’re crazy suzie home maker one minute and the next we’re listening to Big Pimpin’.

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