I see the good…

I must just be the kind of person who sees the good in others. I recently tried to sell something on ebay, and the person who won the auction didn’t pay or respond to any e-mails. I was SHOCKED! It wouldn’t even occur to me to bid on something that I had no intention of really buying. I am really pissed – can you tell? I am super annoyed by the lack of consideration that I see in other people. Sean is amazed that things like this surprise me – maybe I am just not jaded. I had to file a grievance against the person on ebay after waiting a long time hoping they would pay, and now I may not get as much money for the item.

As a future teacher, I like the fact that I see people for their good qualities. I want to believe that everyone is capable of being considerate and caring. I hope that I can see my students in an objective light after being trampled by society’s rudeness.


2 thoughts on “I see the good…

  1. am sorry to hear abt ur ebay thing… i used (alhto’ i believe i still am) to see the good in others.. but few mistakes cost me dearly…financially, emotionally and physically (lyk am fatter as a result)… but my good friend said ‘try be cynical a bit’.. and that advice i’ll pass it to you..

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