I want to grow up, but wait!

I want certain things in my life to be grown up. Recently, I have decided that I want a grown-up looking bed. I want a bedspread, and a dust ruffle, and pillow shams. I want to make my bed and feel like an adult. This is strange because I want to be young and careless about other things. I like Hello Kitty. Why can’t I be consistant? I could carry a Hello Kitty purse around with me to shop for grown-up bedding and not think twice. I think that I am ready, but also not, to be a complete grown-up.

In other consistancy news, I read an article about a group of people who hiked and kayaked in Chile and I thought about how I would love to do that, but I don’t really like to camp for more than a week. I can’t even go more than a day or so without a shower, but I really thought the kayak trip would be cool. Would I be able to do that? I want to try. I want to try everything.


2 thoughts on “I want to grow up, but wait!

  1. I think that no one is ever a “grown-up”. I mean, people get jobs and have responsibilities and leave childhood behind, but some aspects of their lives will always be child-like. Without your hello kitty purse or your nintendo games, you’d be bored and dull. The things that are connected with childhood often seem more exciting that things that are connected with adult life. Without that little bit of flare and a reminder of our childhoods, we’d all be “grown up”, but we’d all also be miserable.

  2. You can go white water rafting in Nepal! The water is warm(ish) because of the hot springs that flow through it, and you can see the Himalayas while you are at it!!

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