Surprise Myself

I have a new passion, and it is bowling. I surprised myself by liking bowling because I don’t have any other blue-collar tendancies. I really like throwing the ball, and I like watching the pins come down. I really like almost everything about bowling. The only thing I am not so fond of is the smoking that is common to bowling alleys. I am not very good, but I am not really discouraged by that. I am actually thinking about looking for a league. Sean thinks that I am nuts and that I wouldn’t really like a league, but I think he is wrong. I think that people have this perception of me as a snob, which may be true in many instances. I don’t think that I shouldn’t be open to trying new things, and I found that I like bowling.

The other thing about this new discovery is that my mom would think it was very strange. My mom thought I was crazy when I went out for the golf team in high school, and I know she would think that this choice is very strange too. My family is not athletic at all and watches/follows no sports. They have been shocked by anything athletic that I become involved with – which isn’t very much. I wonder exactly what my mom would say about this if she were still around.


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