Mrs. Clean

I get teased alot about being a clean freak. I think that people think that I like to clean, but this isn’t the case. Cleaning is simply a means to an end. I clean because I like the end result of a clean house. For some reason I have trouble focusing if my house isn’t clean. If I try to read a book or do homework, I always find myself thinking about dust on the coffee table, or dirty footprints by the front door.

People also think that I have a love affair with my vacuum. I hear about how no one else should touch it or I will get mad, or about how I baby it. Is it wrong to take good care of something that cost almost $300? I just don’t trust that other people won’t bang it around. I just realize that my last statement sounds pretty neurotic. Let me just say that I don’t know where this comes from. My parents aren’t super clean, and I wasn’t forced to keep my room really clean as a kid – in fact I didn’t really keep my room very clean when I lived at home. I remember that as soon as I got my own apartment, I started with the cleaning.

So, I guess what I am saying is that I want to be left alone. Cleaning is sometimes cathartic – you turn on good music and just start mindless work. You don’t have to think, or worry, or be talked to, you just have to move. Once the cleaning is finished, you have a nice clean house and you can relax. The other thing is that I don’t hold other people to my standards. I don’t ask that everyone be as obsessed about it as I am, I just ask that people who’s houses I visit, not live in filth (which some do).


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