Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and I am really missing my mom. I think that it’s because a birthday is really about you and your mother. I know that if she were still alive I would have had lunch with her, or possibly dinner. My friend told me today that the first year after losing someone is the hardest because you have to go through all of the special days without them for the first time. I really am not looking forward to Christmas without her.

I voted, which was exciting, but took a long time. I am very interested to see who won, but I can’t bear to turn on the TV or radio and listen to all the speculation. I don’t want to hear anything until they know for sure. It is interesting to hear about how the entire global community is interested in our election. It is naive of me to think that it only matters here in America. It really affects so many people in so many places. I hope everyone that can vote, voted today.


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