Lifting the Weight

I e-mailed my friend back and told her why I have been avoiding her. I really told her everything. I feel a lot better, but I am not sure she will.

I think that what drew me to this blog was a desire for catharsis. Since my mom died in May, I have been missing an outlet for my thoughts. No one (although well meaning) seems to be able to fill the void. This is not to say that I am not surrounded by people who love me, it just isn’t the same and I can’t help but think that it never will be again.

Losing my mom has been the hardest thing that I have ever had to live through.


One thought on “Lifting the Weight

  1. Dear Kirstin,
    Its good that you told your friend your feelings she may or may not acept them. But a confrontation is the best way to help but try to be positive. Try and solve personal promblems first before you try and solve others. We learned in health class that writing in a journal is a great way to releave stress. I know losing your mom has been tough but there isnt much you can do just move on and remember she will always be in your heart. if you have anything else you would like to share or discuss my blog is

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